Logan turned to find Pepper looking every bit the goddess she was far from being. She walked towards him, the black dress she wore clinging suggestively to her skin. Logan’s mouth hung open. He couldn’t believe she was there. Couldn’t believe she was standing in front of him, looking at him the way she was.

But she was there, moving closer and closer to Logan. She brought her hand up and ran her fingers down his cheek. He shivered, but not because he was cold.

She didn’t say a word and neither did Logan. She reached out with her other hand and slid it down his chest, down his stomach, and Logan couldn’t help the moan that escaped him.

The hand went away, but it was soon replaced by Pepper’s body pressing against his. Her exquisite body was on his, with all its amazing curves and milky skin. Hesitantly he put his hands on her hips and Pepper took up his face in both her hands to make Logan look at her.

She stared into his eyes for a moment then slowly leaned forward to kiss him. Logan’s arms wrapped around her waist and he returned the kiss with fervor, wanting her more than he had ever wanted anyone.

Pepper moved her lips away from his, leaving him breathless, but she wasn’t done kissing him. She slid her hands to his shoulders and moved her lips to his cheek, kissing her way down his face, along his jaw, down his neck.

Before Logan even knew what was happening, Pepper sank her teeth into his bare flesh and ripped out his throat.

Logan woke with a start. His whole body was covered in sweat and his heart hammered so fast he felt it might just explode out of his chest any second. Sighing, Logan slumped back onto the pillows and as he tried to calm, he noticed just how sweat soaked his pajamas and sheets were.

It was just a dream. For a while it was an amazing dream, but then reality interfered. After all, Pepper was a vampire.

“What’s wrong with me?” Logan grumbled as he threw back his covers and sat up.

He couldn’t deny that he was attracted to Pepper. He was unbelievably attracted to her. The allure and pull of her was stronger than anything he had ever felt for anyone, and he had no idea what he was going to do about it.

He sighed. Absolutely nothing, he told himself.

Even as he told himself this, Logan’s mind began to stray to thoughts that were far from nothing. Catching himself in mid-thought, he quickly pulled himself up.

Logan groaned.

He shouldn’t be thinking about Pepper in that way. Besides, there were more pressing things to think about right now. The most pressing of these issues was what he witnessed last night.

Logan remained awake for hours last night, remembering what he saw. From the speed and strength of the zombie, to Pepper breaking the recruit’s arm, no matter how many times the scenes ran through his head, they didn’t seem any more real. He had witnessed it all, yet he felt as if he was in a bubble and at any instant it would pop. He hated the feeling. He wanted to rationalize it all, but none of what he had seen was rational. It was the stuff of myth and legend, and Logan knew it couldn’t be real.

It was. He had seen it.

Just as it had last night, Logan’s head began to hurt. He rested it in his hands for a moment and took a deep breath.

“I should be thankful it wasn’t a hoax,” Logan murmured, and felt a smile tug at the corner of his mouth.

He reached out, picking up the alarm clock from the bedside table and saw it was almost two o’clock. Logan was surprised. He hadn’t known he was sleeping in so late. Then again, what did he expect when he hadn’t got to sleep until early this morning. When he did manage to finally doze off, he kept waking, unable to fully relax.

Logan exhaled. He missed lunch, which was probably a good thing. He didn’t know if he could face everyone and everything just yet.

He decided he would just stay in his room for the rest of the afternoon and read his handbook. Hopefully by then his head would clear enough to allow him to enter the mess hall at dinner, and not run screaming from it when he saw the creatures sitting amongst the recruits.

Logan rose from his bed to have a quick shower before he got too immersed with reading. He was at the bathroom door when his mind suddenly flicked to the Psychic.

She wasn’t what he was expecting. As he remembered the sad look on her face, it made him doubt what AJ and Mack told him. But he couldn’t deny that she had power just like Gena. Logan witnessed it firsthand. Unfortunately, it involved the Psychic reading his thoughts when he discovered his attraction to Pepper.

Logan groaned once more at the thought and went into the bathroom.

Penny entered her bedroom carrying a sandwich and a can of soda. There, she found Gena waiting for her, stretched out across her bed. Penny should be annoyed, but this sort of thing was normal for Gena. “Comfy?”

“Maybe. Are you in a better mood today?”

“I am,” said Penny truthfully as she made her way to her desk, trying not to trip over Gena’s high heels, which were lying on the floor. She set down her lunch then wiped her hand on her t-shirt to remove the condensation from the cold can.

Gena rolled over onto her back. “Good. I hate it when you’re grumpy.”

Penny sat down at her desk. She cracked open her soda and watched Gena for a moment. “And I see that you’re in a very good mood.”

Gena smiled broadly as she moved her hands beneath her head to prop it up. “I am...but also slightly disappointed.”

“Because you spent the night with...” Penny paused as she searched Gena’s mind for the guy’s identity. “Bryce, and not the new guy?”

“Correct. Logan went straight to bed and I didn’t even get a chance to work my charms on him. Maybe tonight, though.”

“You shouldn’t waste your time.” Penny took a large mouthful of her drink, the sweet fizz of the bubbles tickling her tongue. She glanced back towards the bed and watched as Gena slowly sat up.

Gena was looking at her with scrutiny. “You know something?”

“No I don’t,” Penny told her, catching on too late that she should have kept her mouth shut.

“You know something,” repeated Gena, more confidently this time. “What is it? Doesn’t he like girls?”

“No, he likes girls,” mumbled Penny, wishing she hadn’t fallen into this conversation.

Penny surveyed Gena as she thought for a few seconds, able to follow the thought process going on in Gena’s head.

“You,” she said eventually. “He likes you.”

“No. You’re way off.” Penny turned away from Gena.

“Lucky he doesn’t like you. He’s too cute to have his face smashed to a pulp.”

Penny gave Gena a quick glare over her shoulder. She put her drink aside then turned on her computer, hoping to distract Gena from the current topic of conversation.

“Homework?” Gena asked.

“Yeah, I’ve got an assignment due Tuesday and Marion won’t be happy if it’s late.”

Gena smiled. Marion had been Penny’s tutor since she came to live with the Gerards, and was a woman you didn’t want to get on the bad side of. Gena knew this from experience, because Marion was once her tutor as well, and she managed to get on her bad side quite often.

Gena leaned back against the bed on outstretched arms. “I am extremely thankful I don’t have to put up with that evil old bat anymore.”

Penny couldn’t help smiling. “I’m sure she feels the same way about you. Especially after the time you magic-ed her mirror to talk back to her and actually call her an evil old bat and many other names.”

Gena laughed. “Some of my finest work. You know, you could have also been free of her by now as well. You could have easily skipped a few grades by plucking the answers out of her head.”

“That would be cheating, Gena.”

“Never stopped me.”

Penny shook her head. “No wonder you didn’t go to college,” she teased.

“I’m perfectly happy studying business by correspondence,” Gena told her. “And besides, if I had gone to college, I wouldn’t have been able to bug you.”

Penny shook her head again.

Gena got up from the bed. As she made her way to the door, she paused to put her shoes back on. “I’ll leave you to it, but I will get it out of you who Logan’s interested in.”

Penny laughed and Gena left the room.

“Still, at least I didn’t tell her he found her hot in the bronze dress,” mumbled Penny to herself. “If I had, she never would have given up.”


© 2012 Jade Fowler

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